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Acoustic guitars for sale. Kids guitar -

Acoustic guitars for sale. Kids guitar

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Acoustic guitars for sale. Kids guitar. 
Made of high quality wooden, small size,easy to carry. 
If the machine heads (the tuning knobs) aren't staying in place when you tune the strings, tighten the screw inside the knob, this will make it stay.
6 high quality guitar strings with different thickness.
Train the baby's listening and rhythm, a good early education music toy.
Sized especially for young players is about 3-14 years old.
Type: String Guitar
Material: Wooden+ Steel Wire
Quantity: 1pc
Color: As Shown
Item Size: 54*18*6 cm / 21*7*2.4" (L*W*H)
Net Weight: 0.31kg / 10.9oz